Carlsbad Danish Bakery

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or an array of specialty drinks in our cozy environment with Free Wifi. A perfect compliment to our freshly baked Danish. Take your drink to go in our 100% biodegradable eco friendly cups or some danish for the rest of the family with our new 100% biodegradable plastic bags.

The Bakery was established in 1984 by Lone Jensen who immigrated over from Denmark in her twenties. She has mastered the skill of baking traditional danish recipes and has brought that same dedication to the states. The Danish Bakery serves as one of the last traditional bakeries where everything is made from essential ingredients, no preservatives, and by the hands of artists.

Hours of Business
Monday – Saturday 7 am – 4 pm

Daily Features May Include:

  • Kringle is always a favorite, you can special order and choose your fillings for a 1/2 or full sheet, or you can come and reserve the ones we make every morning which have almond paste filling with raisins
  • Seven Sisters ( Smor Kage) is very tall danish baked in a cake pan, it has almond butter, almond paste, custard and raisins
  • Tea Rolls ( Tebirkes) a danish dough with no fillings, usually used as a breakfast roll, with cheese or butter
  • Copenhagen Square is an individual danish baked with a puff dough bottom almond butter, almond paste, custard, and raisins, and danish dough on top
  • Apple Strudel mad out of a puff dough with fresh apples and a hint of cinnamon
  • Cake:
  • Princess Cake traditionally is a white cake with raspberry, and bavarian filling. A thin layer of whipping cream icing and green marzipan on the outside.
  • German Chocolate cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and german chocolate filling
  • Black Forrest is a chocolate cake with bavarian filling and cherries on top with a whipping cream icing and dark chocolate shavings
  • Cookies:
  • Almond shortbread cookies and walnut cookies are always a big hit
  • French Pastries:
  • Sarah Burnharts have a marzipan cookie bottom with french chocolate on top
  • Mice have almond cake, french chocolate, and marzipan
  • Toska has almond cake, almond butter, and raspberry filling, and short dough cookie bottom
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