Hand-crafted waffle food made with home-made waffle batter and fresh ingredients.Waffles are no longer just for breakfast at Box’d. Carlsbad’s only hybrid kitchen creating hand-crafted waffle food is open for business.

The waffle menu features 11 sandwiches; but don’t worry because you can still get waffles with syrup and powdered sugar. The waffles are light and freshly cooked for sandwiches, which come in flavors suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simple combinations such as bannana and Nutella or peanut butter and jelly are full of creamy goodness.

Another sandwich packed with lemon cream and stuffed with berries can double as an early morning meal or a tempting dessert. For more substance, there are savory options such as the chicken, arugula, and brie sandwich whose not-so-secret weapon is a flavorful galic aioli.

Water, juice, milk and other drinks are available, even beer and wine.

Box’d is open seven days a week, 7ish in the morning to 8ish in the evening.

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